Leather Care

Coyne Leather Balm

Ingredients: Organic Beeswax, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Argan Oil.

Apply a small amount onto clean and dry leather by hand or cloth. Buff with a soft cloth or brush. May darken leather slightly, so test on a hidden patch and let it dry to preview results. Not for use on suede.


  • We use Wickett & Craig Vegetable Tanned Leather that we hand dye predominantly with alcohol based leather dye. Although we do our best to prevent it from happening, darker colors can sometimes transfer onto lighter fabrics and objects.
  • Due to the wonderful nature of vegetable tanned leather it will darken, also called patina, over time. The leather will absorb your body’s oils and will age with you, becoming even more unique and personalized over time. The more you use or wear your accessory or garment, the more beautifully it will patina.


  • Do store your pieces in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will cause your garment to fade over time. Do store your garment so it is allowed to breathe naturally. Don’t store them in plastic bags, suitcases, or other non-permeable items.
  • If your leather gets wet, simply blot off the excess liquid, and allow the rest to air dry. Do not store your item while it is still wet, and don’t speed up the drying with heat or sunlight. Doing so may cause warping or fading.


  • Clean 2-3 times a year or after heavy use.
  • Use a dry horsehair brush to remove any excess dirt or dust.
  • Using a damp cloth or sponge, gently rub the surface with saddle soap, which will create a light “lather” to help lift dirt. Follow with dry clean cloth and soft brush to wipe away the residue. No need to rinse away the saddle soap. *Bonus deep clean: to help disinfect the surface, mist the leather with isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. Leather is porous; here is no way to fully disinfect leather. Keep this in mind if you choose to share your leather with friends or partners.
  • After cleaning, find a clean and dry surface to apply a high quality leather conditioner and gently work it into the surface, and let it absorb. Coyne Leather makes a special leather conditioner that smells delicious and is also great for human skin (please consult ingredient list for allergies).
  • Once the leather is fully dry, buff the surface with a soft dry cloth or brush to a nice luster.


  • You may notice a white waxy bloom on the surface after you take your pieces out of storage, especially in colder weather. This is not mold or mildew but the waxes from leather conditioners coming to the surface. You can simply brush the surface with a soft dry cloth or brush and bring it back to a nice luster.